Siena and Florence

Siena and Florence

One of the destinations offered by our agency is the splendid Tuscany region.
Siena, in the centre of a marvellous hill landscape, offers the most famous horse-race in Italy, the Palio, and it’s the native land of the well-known “senese” art school, which in the XIV century could cope with the Florentine art.
Between its most important monuments, we can see the Piazza del campo, the Pope’s loggia and the ones of the Merchandise.
A few kilometres far from Siena you will admire the majesty of the refined Florence, cradle of the Renaissance and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Florence offers masterpieces of architecture and painting, as its Duomo, the Uffizi, the Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria.
The climate in this region is continental and temperate, with sultry summers and cold winters.

Rate of Tour of Siena and Florence

Description Price Book
Florence & Siena from Rome for 1 up to 3 persons € 600,00 Book
Florence & Siena from Rome for 1 up to 3 persons € 750,00 Book

Naples and Pompei

This Neapolitan tour touches two of the most visited old town centres. The capital of the Campania region is the third most populated city in Italy. The climate of Naples is typically Mediterranean, characterized by mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers, but don’t forget the cooling sea breeze, which is rarely missing in the gulf.

Naples has always had a central role in Italian and European art, with its numerous buildings and churches from the Renaissance and Baroque period. To mention some of these: S.Maria Assunta Cathedral, Trinitá Maggiore Church, Girolamini Church. Also famous, the Poggio Reale cemetery, that is a symbol of the city, along with the Vesuvio.

Visiting Pompei, you’ll find that it’s definitely not astonishing that the UNESCO declared it “world heritage”. Pompei was completely buried by the lava erupted by the Vesuvio in 79, a disgrace that lets us to visit a real full testimony of the society of that time.

Tour of Naples and Pompei Rates

Description Price Book
Naples & Pompei from Rome for 1 up to 3 persons € 600,00 Book
Naples & Pompei from Rome for 4 up to 8 persons € 750,00 Book


Tivoli rises near Rome, on the bank of the Aniene river, and its birth is even earlier than the capital’s one (1265 b.C.).

Rome Pickup offers the possibility to visit two of the most amazing human heritages in this city: Villa d’Este, with its architecture and painting worthy of important names, such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Livio Agresti da Forlí, and Villa Adriana, built by the emperor of the same name, who didn’t stand the chaos of roman life.

Bagni di Tivoli, a small town adjacent to Tivoli is very famous for its thermal water.

Tour of Tivoli Rates

Description Price Book
Tivoli from Rome – 1 hours for 1 up to 3 persons € 50,00 Book
Tivoli from Rome – 1 hours for 4 up to 6 persons € 70,00 Book

Rome in a Day

Roma Pickup offers one of the most complete tours around the World-Capital of culture and tourism. In one day we will let you between the merged “three Romes”: the imperial one, the medieval-papal one and the present Italian capital.

Going through the city, you will have the impression of jumping from age to age. In spite of its great size, Rome has a very compact historical centre.

To list roman beauties is very hard work, just think about the majesty of the Coliseum, the splendour of the Vatican with its famous “cupolone” (the dome of Saint Peter’s Church), and then the Circus Maximus, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Piazza di Spagna, where Via del Corso begins, a street of boutiques and famous brands. Don’t lose sight of Fontana di Trevi, very near to the unforgettable Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia.

A specialized chauffeur provided by us will lead you through temples, etruscan graves, beautiful basilicas, renaissance buildings, imperial fora and baroque churches.


The great presence of history, legends and monuments in this city will be showed along a route planned specially for you.

Rome in a Day Tour Rates

Description Price Book
Rome in a Day – 1 hours for 2 up to 4 persons € 30,00 Book
Rome in a Day – 1 hours for 4 up to 6 persons € 35,00 Book
Rome in a Day – 1 hours for 7 up to 8 persons € 40,00 Book

Sorrendo and Positano

One of the destinations of Roma Pickup is the area of Naples and Salerno, including the wonderful Sorrento and Positano.
Sorrento is 47km distant from Naples, stands on a terrace of tuff, is a city full of vegetation (its lemon trees are very famous) and has a mild climate.

The city is told to originate from ancient Greece, but the old town shows clearly a roman origin. Actually in its old town are the most interesting local attractions, as the S. Francesco d’Assisi Church and the Duomo, rebuilt in the XV century.

Positano, instead, is a province of Salerno and belongs geographically to the Amalfi Coast. It is told to be a place for vacation since the ancient Rome age. It is told that the name of Positano comes from a boat which carried a painting of the Assumption of Mary in front of those lands; there was no wind in the air, and the monks on board heard some words coming from the painting: “Posa, posa”, that mean “Stop there”. So the monks stopped on that coast and brought the painting where now rises the central Church of Positano. The following morning the painting was not there anymore, it had miraculously come on the sea shore, where the monks wanted a church to be built, a church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.

Tour of Tivoli Rates

Description Price Book
Sorrento & Positano from Rome for 1 up to 3 persons € 600,00 Book
Sorrento & Positano from Rome for 4 up to 8 persons € 750,00 Book